Song of the Summer?

I sat at Mitch Mitchell’s apartment late Friday night, listening to some musics. He put on some milk… this was no surprise. The surprise came in the form of one song from Hozier. It hit my ears, and my closed fist crashed down on the coffee table, “WHAT. What is this!?” Musical kinfolk know this feeling. Anger at a song because it is just so good, and you want to ask, “Where have you been all my life?.” Perfection. It immediately connects with the sweet spot in your soul and you can feel like you can fly and you holler the lyrics and you believe in heaven and that humans aren’t all that bad because we can make sounds like this. We listened to it five more times that night, and this past weekend it stayed in my head, making itself at home–an Orhwurm as the Germans say–literally meaning, ear worm. The best kind of insect.


Hozier is the truth, and this song is going to be tough to top. Enjoy. Just enjoy it. Man.