by bobbysumms

Ladies, gentlemen, goblins and ghouls! Spotify has just notified me about a BEIRUT concert on June 14th in Brooklyn (ever heard of it?)–this is HUGE news. Why? Because Beirut is simply, the best. Their Album The Rip Tide is the greatest album of the last 1o years. I was listening to it today, as I rode my bike through town, and I could not NOT take my hands of the handlebars and start pretending to be a plane as I took turns and rejoiced the gypsy sounds penetrating my soul (a lot of looks from cool teenagers thinking me to be a smiling lunatic). What’s my point? $80 a ticket. Bwomp bwomp. So, two things 1) if someone wants to sponsor me, let me know 2) I’ll probably just buy a ticket, so let me know if you want to join me—you’ll witness beautiful music, and get to watch my face as I experience spiritual elevation. Enjoy this video– perhaps the best video.