by bobbysumms

Do recall the great year of 1998! Do you recall the great year of 1998? I was eight years old–a real rascal who made his sweet, 80-year old, French grandma (THE GREATEST GRANDMA IN ALL ZE WORLD. It’s not a contest, but Happy Gilmore’s Grandma is a villain compared to her) dress in full goalie pads so he had someone to shoot on, in street hockey. After an hour of shooting, we’d go inside and she would make me home-made, DELICIOUS crepes… those were my glory days.

For our Australian friend Chet Faker (who took this name after spending his childhood listening to Chet Baker’s smooth smoove jazz), 1998 was apparently a year of heartbreak. We used to be friends… we used to be inner circle. As in… the circle of trust? Regardless, this song off his new album Built on Glass, is milk. The album, is a full crate. Whole milk. Thick beats, and casual vocals. Give it a listen and check out his version of No Diggity, which may be the best version. And just LOOK at this cool video–he just seems like… the man, even in an animated form.

I could listen to those lazy vocals all day—they’re like home-made crepes! Take my word for it.

 Happy Friday ya sickos!

(This post is dedicated to all mothers as we are nearing the day of mothers, but specifically my French Grandma, MeMe, who is still very much alive, at 92, a paradigm of aging with grace, a beautiful soul who has no idea what a blog is, or what the internet is, but who has more wisdom than Gandalf, and is sweeter than pumpkin pie.)