Paris Je T’aime Toujours.

by bobbysumms

Oh man. Les Concerts a Emporter, or Take Away Shows may be the best thing on Youtube. The best musicians on the planet, going around Paris and doing what they do better than anyone else. It’s a perfect marriage of excellent audio and excellent imagery. And here, we have the Frenchies Arlt playing in my old home at Shakespeare and Company, where I slept in the childrens’ section for three months and magical things like this would happen regularly. It was all a dream. And the store owner, Sylvia, is seen in this video grooving along (short blonde curly hair); she is perfectly casted in her life’s role as magical bookshop owner. Before I get too nostalgic and keep rambling, enjoy this beauty. Eight minutes, but well worth it.


And for anyone still hankering for Shakespeare and Co. and beautiful shots of those book-lined walls; here’s a (sexual) short film made by Spike Jonez.