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Month: April, 2014

Paris Je T’aime Toujours.

Oh man. Les Concerts a Emporter, or Take Away Shows may be the best thing on Youtube. The best musicians on the planet, going around Paris and doing what they do better than anyone else. It’s a perfect marriage of excellent audio and excellent imagery. And here, we have the Frenchies Arlt playing in my old home at Shakespeare and Company, where I slept in the childrens’ section for three months and magical things like this would happen regularly. It was all a dream. And the store owner, Sylvia, is seen in this video grooving along (short blonde curly hair); she is perfectly casted in her life’s role as magical bookshop owner. Before I get too nostalgic and keep rambling, enjoy this beauty. Eight minutes, but well worth it.


And for anyone still hankering for Shakespeare and Co. and beautiful shots of those book-lined walls; here’s a (sexual) short film made by Spike Jonez.


Green Thumbs Up

Courtney Barnett. Remember the name. This Ausssie is COOL. Simple yet deep lyrics that are cheeky, clever, witty– just fun to listen to–completely different. Avant-garde? I’d day so. Delicious word play. And this music video is a treat–for anyone still thirsty, she has just released a double EP, and has plenty of live videos where she continues to do her: THIS LADY IS SO COOL.


“The paramedic thinks I’m clever ’cause I play guitar– I think she’s clever ’cause she stops people dying.”

Listening to her is like having  a gin and tonic for breakfast–sneaky fun.


My Old Friend, Greg.

Oh man. This homie holds a real special spot in my cold heart. If it weren’t for his latest album The Weatherman, my travels wouldn’t have been comfortable. I had to sleep in the train station in Zagreb one night, and despite the (other) hobos constantly yelling at each other, I put in my buds, put on the Greg and slept like a baby. A baby I say.

This dairy farmer is also playing Firefly, though I’m not sure what he’d be like in a large venue. I’d like to see him play in front of my fire place. That would be a dream, yes.


It’s like whiskey in a mason jar on a rainy day in front of that same fireplace. Comfy tunes.


This milk aint fresh but it’s delicious. It’ been my groove for a… minute now. Yes.


Firefly Shmoop

So pretty soon. Very pretty soon, I’ll be purchasing a ticket to the Firefly Music Festival. This is exciting. And as I look at the line up… let’s just say… no one should worry about my blood circulation. So I figure, let’s look at the tiny names on the line up–and there is some substance in small letters.

First up AER, who are pretty chill dudes. This remix of an old Biggie classic was my heroine in the sweet summer of 2012.


Crystal LoverS

These Spaniards rule. This looks like some good fun.


They have many more. That is all. Enjoy.

RAC City

RAC (Remix Artist Collective) is out with their new album Strangers and it’s tasty. They were so good at remixing, they went ahead and made their own album with features from some of the best. RAC and St. Lucia? Game over. Groovy tunes that can be an appropriate soundtrack to any setting.


I apologize for the dramatic youtube clip’s message.


The A.V. Club had a big day yesterday. First, I finally heard someone call out Macklemore for trying too hard. Just, perfect. And then they wrote an article about Weezer’s epic song Only in Dreams, a jam I haven’t heard in years, and absolutely love. The song was on a couple CD’s I made sophomore year of high school, and would holler the lyrics out the window en route to hockey practice, as my long coif tickled my shoulders, “ONLY IN DREAMS! YA SEE WHAT IT MEANS!”

I really DIG this song and the sweet nostalgia of those silly high school years that come with it.




Oh My Soul

Drink this in.



Good reason he’s opening up for Jack Johnson on his tour this year: powerful, retro stuff.


Chill name. Chill beat. Awful video–so here’s the audio. It’s a bit Boss-like, no? Makes me want to hit the road, roll down the windows, bust out the driver-seat dance moves, make some memories, get in trouble, maybe a bar fight, maybe fall in love with a gypsy, who knows… but I dig this.