Vortexual Harassment

by bobbysumms

Snow!?!?!!? More snow!?!?!?!?! I’m just glad I’m alone, and don’t have to hold up my end of a dead, weather conversation. There’s also an old Navaho superstition that says if it snows on the 31st of March, you have to spend the day naked, dancing and drumming on everything you can find. I’m very superstitious (wink).

Damon Albarn. The name might not sound familiar, but you know him. Oh yes you do. He’s the man and the voice behind the BLUR who gave us so many sweet beats, most importantly “Song 2,” the soundtrack to FIFA ’96 battles to the death, and the GORILLAZ, who gave us even more sweet milk over the years. The man’s a genius.

Damon is coming out with his first solo album this month, Everyday Robots, and it should be a DOOZIE. He wrote this song about a baby elephant he met in Tanzania. It’s good to hear those lazy vocals once again.


This song might get us through the vortex!!!!!!!!