Coldplay? In this economy?

by bobbysumms

Christ Martin and his band of emotional men get a lot of heat. I think The 40 Year Old Virgin has a lot to do with it, “You know how I know you’re gay?” The fact that a lot of their following happens to be high school girls probably doesn’t help either. But just because a band produces some digestible music, doesn’t mean it’s not delicious and dense stuff. I went to go see them live many moons ago, and it was one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to–inspiring, bordering spiritual. The only problem I have with Coldplay is that Chris Martin is married to a robot, and his songs seem way too human to be directed to her. So I hope they are aimed at his many muses who actually have souls. This new jon is tasty–simplified a la Radiohead, but powerful. I dug it immediately. Call me what you want, but if this first single is any indication of the rest of the album, Ghost Stories (a BIT cheesy) will be a beauty, and I will purchase it.


And come on! MAGIC! MAGIC PEOPLE. What’s better than magic?

Still believe in magic… Oh yes I do.