St. Paddy’s

by bobbysumms

The best part about St. Paddy’s day? The drinking songs? Yes. I was in Laos last year, walking the streets with a bunch of Irishmen, when we stumbled across another Irishman with a guitar. “Can you play the Wild Rover?” He could, and they all sung while I stood there wishing I was Irish. I made a promise to myself, “You will learn these lyrics, once you find wifi, and you’ll never not sing this again.” I made good on this promise. The Wild Rover has been sung for centuries; a tale of a man whose given up on his days of roving… I feel you brother. And leave it to the Irish to turn a temperance song into a drinking song. Learn it and love it.


The Irish brothers teaching the recently passed Pete Seeger. Gold. CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP!

And then there’s this gem. Going to a Flogging Molly concert is high, HIGH on my list. I would lose it to this song. (Apparently I can only embed one video? I’m not paying you WordPress. Not after losing credit card roulette.)


Happy St. Paddy’s ya sickos.

(Why not St. Patty?)