by bobbysumms

I had given Pharrell’s album G I R L a quick listen and decided it was soft. This may have been a prejudiced decision because the man is everywhere, with that stupid hat, and it’s all becoming real cheesy (no disrespect to cheese). I’m  also real sick of “Happy” at this point, and it’s transitioning into hatred–which I feel somewhat guilty about, giving the nature of the song’s message. Regardless, my friend Shmee aka Cam told me to listen to a few of his new songs–one of them was with Daft Punk. After about two listens I was sold (it was a tough sell). We agreed that Pharrell and DP should do us all a favor and just make a full album together. Arguably the best two songs on Random… featured Pharrell, and Gust of Wind is a beauty. It’s vintage DP–and the chorus is gold. The kind of meat you want to sink your claws into. I can’t speak for the whole album, but this is milky.