by bobbysumms

I’ve been digging the sweet beats of London Grammar for a minute now, and I’ve enjoyed every second. Imagine Florence Welch hanging out with the XX and they’re all eating painkillers. This is a good sound. A very good sound. And the lead singer, Ms. Hannah Reid is glorious. My God. My goodness. I think any intelligent man would change his ways for her. Enjoy this delicious video.

Oh. Oh, Lord! This English trio plays at Irving Plaza, NYC, on April 9th. Not surprisingly it’s sold out, but if any of you rascals wants to go, I’m in. I’ll be the guy in the front row drooling. Peep this bit they did on KEXP Seattle; falling in love is inevitable. Hannah! Damn it Hannah!

That voice! Milk.

And for those of you wondering what Florence and the XX would sound like–here they are at Glastonbury. So much cool on one stage it’s overwhelming.