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Month: March, 2014

Vortexual Harassment

Snow!?!?!!? More snow!?!?!?!?! I’m just glad I’m alone, and don’t have to hold up my end of a dead, weather conversation. There’s also an old Navaho superstition that says if it snows on the 31st of March, you have to spend the day naked, dancing and drumming on everything you can find. I’m very superstitious (wink).

Damon Albarn. The name might not sound familiar, but you know him. Oh yes you do. He’s the man and the voice behind the BLUR who gave us so many sweet beats, most importantly “Song 2,” the soundtrack to FIFA ’96 battles to the death, and the GORILLAZ, who gave us even more sweet milk over the years. The man’s a genius.

Damon is coming out with his first solo album this month, Everyday Robots, and it should be a DOOZIE. He wrote this song about a baby elephant he met in Tanzania. It’s good to hear those lazy vocals once again.


This song might get us through the vortex!!!!!!!!


Summer is Coming

I can taste it.

This airy beat bottles up the sweet season of freedom, and makes a man want a soft sunset and a soft drink, a backyard BBQ and a large body of water to drink in through the eyes . And it’s coming. Embrace by these guys is probably their best–but this will get you in a summer trance. TRAHHHHNCE.


Is that a Boombox?!?!

Tonight we groove to these dudes. Bowery Ballroom. Holler if you want to join and surf their funky vibes. SooooOOOoooWoooOOOoooOOO.



Noosa? What is?

Not sure. But it sounds like someone took Lana Del Rey and Lorde and the XX guitar distortion and tossed them in a musical blender: served it super chilled. I don’t know anything about this Noosa lady,  but I like what I’m hearing. I’ll see what I can dig up. Enjoy.


Coldplay? In this economy?

Christ Martin and his band of emotional men get a lot of heat. I think The 40 Year Old Virgin has a lot to do with it, “You know how I know you’re gay?” The fact that a lot of their following happens to be high school girls probably doesn’t help either. But just because a band produces some digestible music, doesn’t mean it’s not delicious and dense stuff. I went to go see them live many moons ago, and it was one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to–inspiring, bordering spiritual. The only problem I have with Coldplay is that Chris Martin is married to a robot, and his songs seem way too human to be directed to her. So I hope they are aimed at his many muses who actually have souls. This new jon is tasty–simplified a la Radiohead, but powerful. I dug it immediately. Call me what you want, but if this first single is any indication of the rest of the album, Ghost Stories (a BIT cheesy) will be a beauty, and I will purchase it.


And come on! MAGIC! MAGIC PEOPLE. What’s better than magic?

Still believe in magic… Oh yes I do. 

May Appear Three-Dimensional

Phantogram. These two New Yorkers have been churning out some meaty beats for a minute now, and their new album is quality. Phantogram (a two-dimensional shape that appears three-dimensional, pretty cool name for a band, I think) just played SXSW, and crushed it. They explained that their latest single Fall In Love was a instrumental made by the male half of the group, Josh Carter, as a beat intended for a rap artist. Sarah Barthel, the lady-half (also, a babe) said, “Let me try this,” and sure enough, it worked. MEATY stuff. And the video is appropriate.


I’m guessing some rappers are salivating over that beat. OOF!

And here’s an oldie but goldie from them.

St. Paddy’s

The best part about St. Paddy’s day? The drinking songs? Yes. I was in Laos last year, walking the streets with a bunch of Irishmen, when we stumbled across another Irishman with a guitar. “Can you play the Wild Rover?” He could, and they all sung while I stood there wishing I was Irish. I made a promise to myself, “You will learn these lyrics, once you find wifi, and you’ll never not sing this again.” I made good on this promise. The Wild Rover has been sung for centuries; a tale of a man whose given up on his days of roving… I feel you brother. And leave it to the Irish to turn a temperance song into a drinking song. Learn it and love it.


The Irish brothers teaching the recently passed Pete Seeger. Gold. CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP!

And then there’s this gem. Going to a Flogging Molly concert is high, HIGH on my list. I would lose it to this song. (Apparently I can only embed one video? I’m not paying you WordPress. Not after losing credit card roulette.)


Happy St. Paddy’s ya sickos.

(Why not St. Patty?)

Boy + Bear = Gold

These Aussies know how to make some smooth treats.


It’s Real

I’ve been sitting on this one for a bit, because I wasn’t sure whether or not I liked the band: Real Estate. I first heard their song It’s Real a couple years ago and liked it. Like it, in the way you’re happy to unexpectedly hear a certain song on the radio or at a random store, but not enough to put it on a playlist. Maybe it’s because their sound is extremely comfortable. It could be the soundtrack to a young, growing family moving out of NYC to the surburbs, where the attractive parents who could be in an LL Bean catalogue are planting things in their garden while their kids run around the back yard. That said–it’s enjoyable on the ears. There’s no denying that, and Atlas, their new album is complete. Good, solid songs throughout. I guess the real question is what do you think?

And an older jam.

Dogs! Hipsters! Nice mix!


I had given Pharrell’s album G I R L a quick listen and decided it was soft. This may have been a prejudiced decision because the man is everywhere, with that stupid hat, and it’s all becoming real cheesy (no disrespect to cheese). I’m  also real sick of “Happy” at this point, and it’s transitioning into hatred–which I feel somewhat guilty about, giving the nature of the song’s message. Regardless, my friend Shmee aka Cam told me to listen to a few of his new songs–one of them was with Daft Punk. After about two listens I was sold (it was a tough sell). We agreed that Pharrell and DP should do us all a favor and just make a full album together. Arguably the best two songs on Random… featured Pharrell, and Gust of Wind is a beauty. It’s vintage DP–and the chorus is gold. The kind of meat you want to sink your claws into. I can’t speak for the whole album, but this is milky.