Happy Days

by bobbysumms

Yes. Yes! For those of you who love RAC, the remix champions of the world, and Alex Ebert, the man behind Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeros, the day of collaboration has finally come. For those unfamiliar with RAC–go to their soundcloud and listen to everything. They make every great song,  somehow, better. It’s no surprise that this callabo resulted in pure sunshine. Some warmth for the East Coast. (The song is actually called Tear You Down)


And some old RAC (Lana. My love.)


And for a little peek at what it must be like inside Alex Ebert’s head, this is from his solo fiddling. He also just won a Golden Globe for Best Original Score for Robert Redford’s All is Lost. His speech was a classic (Great Diddy anecdote) and he seems like the man. “Even the most deft pen is a clumsy tool.” Preach.


TriPpY! Happy Friday ya filthy animals.