by bobbysumms

With a name pulled from a Tolkien story, a video to match, this Icelandic man has given us an absolute jam. He’s recently released his first album in English, and the thing is charting all over Europe–for good reason. The  man can craft a beauty. File under “Melodic Folk” and grooooove to this. I’ll be spending time trying to find everything this guy has made.

Added bonus: His 72-year old father is responsible for most of the lyrics. Ásgeir is 21. An estimated 10% of Iceland owns his record. This dude rules.

Double Bonus!:  Still wondering about the name Ásgeir?

“As” in Nordic languages means “god” and “Geirr” is the “spear”, making Asgeir meaning the God’s spear or Spear of God(s).

The name originates from the Viking Age, but had phased out gradually and very rarely used. It was revived during the Nordic renaissance in the 19th century and has become a very common name once again.

(courtesy of Wikipedia)