Beeeek Work

by bobbysumms

Beck is back and just chillin’. He started streaming his new album, Morning Phase, yesterday, fo’ free, and it sounds smooth as buttah. Me? I love Beck. Always have. Is that because Loser is your anthem lol? No. That’s not nice. But, it’s true? No. Promise? Yes. You’re lying.

Blue Moon, the first single, is an ethereal wave of goodness and a good sign for the whole album. Peep.


In other music news, Drake called out Macklemore for his insta’ text to Kendrick Lamar… saying, “That shit was wack as fuck.” Which I agree with, because it seem insanely affected–or, wack as fuck. But then Drake makes you start rooting against him again, because he cried via Twitter about losing out on the cover of Rolling Stone to Philip Seymour Hoffman… C’mon man! What Drake thinks about his memes and more, here.