Flic Flac and Charlie Chap.

by bobbysumms

A fun name, and silky producers, the Austrian duo Flic Flac have been churning out some tasty edits for the last few months. For those of you who enjoy Bon Iver, but get scared that he’s going to pop up on shuffle while your phone’s music is supplying sounds for a party, thus killing the mood and having to answer, “You alright? No. Are you sure you are OK?” questions the rest of the night—these boys have you covered. Peep this nibble.

The next one is a bit more upbeat, and is their own. I’ve been of a huge fan of the saxophone making a comeback in hau5 beats a la Jubel. Have a listen. Go on!

What is that SPEECH? Great question. Charlie Chaplin in The Great Dictator, which came out in 1940 and was a direct swipe at the Nazis… gives me goose flesh. The movie had be such powerful source of hope for a nation frightened by a force of  incomprehensible hatred. What’s insane is that the speech is extremely relevant today–74 years later. “YOU ARE NOT MACHINES!”

“We think too much and feel too little.”

This was Chaplin’s first speaking role… and he adjusted well, and got to keep his moustache. As for the music, be sure to check out the Flic Flac Riptide Edit.