What’s Better Than Chance?

by bobbysumms

A Milky Chance. A group from Deutschland! categorized under “alternative pop folk rock duo with reggae and electronic music influences.” Noted. These guys have a very cool sound–mesmerizing stuff that’s built for summer but can definitely work in these cold days. Clemens Rehbein, the vocalist, was playing bass in a jazz quartet when he started collaborating with a local DJ, Philipp Dausch–what they started making caught on in Germany, and it resulted in their album Sadnecessary. Gotta love some Europeans having fun with English words–Sadnecessary? Milky Chance? Flashed Junk Mind? Fun stuff all around… even if it seems like they don’t know what any of it means. Enjoy.

I dig their album art, as seen on that video (they do have a musik video but I thought it took away from the song). I still haven’t listened to nearly enough of their stuff, but I’m looking forward to it. 

“There are two kinds of music; German music and bad music.” — Henry Louis Mencken