by bobbysumms

A few Brits who call themselves Bombay Bicycle Club, have been steadily making jams for a good minute now—their latest effort, So Long, See You Tomorrow drops today, and if the past is any indication of what this album will be like, it will be good. Good and tasty.

As for their name, they borrowed it from a chain of Indian restaurants in London—and they wish they had chosen something else. “That’s what happens when you start young–then it just sticks. We are trapped…” Yikes. I like it. Keep those chins up lads. Could always be worse—at least there isn’t a $ in the name.

Their first album has one of the best titles ever, I Had The Blues But I Shook Them Loose, good for you! This is my favorite of their’s, off that album–enjoy a nice walk with the bass line.

And I’ve been getting A LOT of complaints about not having enough clay-mation on the blog, so let’s fix that. Enjoy, and go peep their new stuff… that is what I will be doing!