by bobbysumms

Oh man. Could not have been farther off on those Super Bowl predictions. Seahawks demolish. Bruno was entertaining. RHCP was shirtless. But yikes, that game was brutal. Bad for sports. Sad for sports.

Today is a good day for music. Broken Bells the delicious combo of  The Shins James Mercer and the meaty beats of epic-producer-most-famous-for Gnarles Barkley, Danger Mouse, just released their second album today, After the Disco. On their creative process, they had this to say to NPR

“Life is sad,” Mercer says. “People, you know, are going to pass, and you know that you will one day. I mean, there’s that. I think that Brian [Burton] and I have pretty heavy conversations about things like that.”

“You think about what it’s going to be like when you’re older, and now you’re there, and, well, now what do you do?” Burton asks.

After the Disco? It should be a treat. Their first single off it is solid and has a real trippy video.

Groovy stuff.

And a few of their old classics, just for a little fun here. Why not? Let’s go crazy huh?

Live on a boat!