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Month: February, 2014

Happy Days

Yes. Yes! For those of you who love RAC, the remix champions of the world, and Alex Ebert, the man behind Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeros, the day of collaboration has finally come. For those unfamiliar with RAC–go to their soundcloud and listen to everything. They make every great song,  somehow, better. It’s no surprise that this callabo resulted in pure sunshine. Some warmth for the East Coast. (The song is actually called Tear You Down)


And some old RAC (Lana. My love.)


And for a little peek at what it must be like inside Alex Ebert’s head, this is from his solo fiddling. He also just won a Golden Globe for Best Original Score for Robert Redford’s All is Lost. His speech was a classic (Great Diddy anecdote) and he seems like the man. “Even the most deft pen is a clumsy tool.” Preach.


TriPpY! Happy Friday ya filthy animals.





West Coast Vibrations

Do I miss California? I think my friend William Thatcher aka Ulrich von Leichtenstein aka the Protector of Italian Virginity, can answer that.

 I miss you like the sun misses the flower; like the sun misses the flower in the depths of winter. Instead of beauty to direct its light to, the heart hardens like the frozen world your absence has banished me to.

Amen. This song captures that sweet Cali vibe. The only thing the video is missing is Jeff Spicoli. Enjoy.


Haim Time

Yes. The name has become ubiquitous, but for good reason–these ladies can make music. The sisters from LA have just released the video for what has become my favorite track on the album and it’ll make you want to get up and boogie. Old school boogie. 50’s diner boogie. Drunk-dad-at-a-wedding boogie. Even the sisters Haim–pronounce like rhyme and time and lime (let me know if you think of any more), cannot, not dance to this silky groove. And they may or may not be witches.  And they may or may not be very average dancers, but look at those clap circles! Unreal stuff. Keep doing you ladies.


“Forgive my lyin’ eyes”

All is forgiven! All is forgiven!

Groove on.


With a name pulled from a Tolkien story, a video to match, this Icelandic man has given us an absolute jam. He’s recently released his first album in English, and the thing is charting all over Europe–for good reason. The  man can craft a beauty. File under “Melodic Folk” and grooooove to this. I’ll be spending time trying to find everything this guy has made.

Added bonus: His 72-year old father is responsible for most of the lyrics. Ásgeir is 21. An estimated 10% of Iceland owns his record. This dude rules.

Double Bonus!:  Still wondering about the name Ásgeir?

“As” in Nordic languages means “god” and “Geirr” is the “spear”, making Asgeir meaning the God’s spear or Spear of God(s).

The name originates from the Viking Age, but had phased out gradually and very rarely used. It was revived during the Nordic renaissance in the 19th century and has become a very common name once again.

(courtesy of Wikipedia)

You’re Loco Man (you are crazy man)

What is Andy Milonakis up to these days? It’s a question I hear all too often. But after spending a lazy Sunday with the one they call Moondiggler, we now have some leads. Three Loco (Andy, Riff Raff, and Dirt Nasty), are making some solid videos. Humorous? Yes. Music? Yes. They’re making the songs and music videos every group of friends wants to make–only they’re actually doing it, and have a lot of hits/Youtube monies. They even got Diplo to join them on a track. Diplo! Enjoy these strange dudes

CHEEKY sample.



Pick Me Up

I want the whole damn world to come dance with me!

One of THE best.

10 Minutes

That’s how long it took ol’ Elvis to write this jam. And the video. My goodness. What a treat. Princess Diana? Charles? African garb? Funky dance moves? Trying to use a typewriter whilst wearing boxing gloves? Ten commandment stones? The video did not take ten minutes to make–that’s for damn sure.

I put this song on and dance around the house naked every day?

Beeeek Work

Beck is back and just chillin’. He started streaming his new album, Morning Phase, yesterday, fo’ free, and it sounds smooth as buttah. Me? I love Beck. Always have. Is that because Loser is your anthem lol? No. That’s not nice. But, it’s true? No. Promise? Yes. You’re lying.

Blue Moon, the first single, is an ethereal wave of goodness and a good sign for the whole album. Peep.


In other music news, Drake called out Macklemore for his insta’ text to Kendrick Lamar… saying, “That shit was wack as fuck.” Which I agree with, because it seem insanely affected–or, wack as fuck. But then Drake makes you start rooting against him again, because he cried via Twitter about losing out on the cover of Rolling Stone to Philip Seymour Hoffman… C’mon man! What Drake thinks about his memes and more, here.


Just, enjoy this.

VaLeNtIn3’z d4y RuL3z!

On this fine day, let us not forget the true meaning of St. Valentine’s day.


And for those of you having a ToUgH D4Y, remember, it could always be worse.