TEEF and Soul

by bobbysumms

Take a good look at this man.


Look at that grin. The flow. Those spectacles.

This man is Allen Stone. Deep inside this man,  who describes himself as, “A hippie with a soul,”  is indeed, something powerful. He sounds like he should look like Aretha Franklin. I’d love to see someone’s face who’s only heard him, go see him in concert. HUH! This Washington-state-white-boy with crazy teef has more soul than chicken noodle soup. Listen, hear. Listen here. (right after the 4-minute mark, it gets loco (Spanish for crazy))

GOODNESS! Don’t say I didn’t warn you! It’s hard to believe. I guess that’s a bit racist in a way, but it’s honest.  Homie is currently working on his major record debut for Capitol, which should be out this summer. And it will be tasty.

Mister Stone is also on the move, letting that soulful bird of a voice fly all over the world.

Feb. 15: Boise, ID (Zion Bank Building)
Feb. 19: San Francisco, CA (The Independent)
Feb. 20: Los Angeles, CA (The Echo)
Feb. 28-March 2: Jakarta, Indonesia (Java Jazz Festival)
March 7-16: Austin, TX (SXSW Music Festival)
March 29: Phoenix, AZ (McDowell Music Festival)
April 12: Blues Festival 2014 (Byron Bay, Australia)
May 16-18: Gulf Shores, AL (The Hangout Music and Arts Festival)
June 11: Chattanooga, TN(Riverbend Festival)
June 14-15: Los Angeles, CA (Playboy Jazz Festival)

Playboy Jazz Festival will be MC’d by George Lopez… for those wanting a good reason to go. Let this powerful voice awaken your soul, and get them toes a tappin’. Here’s one more; a stripped down version of a track that’ll be on the new album.

Let you spirits fly. CAW! CAW!

“Ordinary riches can be stolen; real riches cannot. In your soul are infinitely precious things that cannot be taken from you.”

-Oscar Wilde