The Weekly Nibble

by bobbysumms

It’s always tough to root for a Yalie, from Brooklyn, whose name is Ellis Ludwig-Leone whose band classifies itself as Baroque Pop, and recorded their album in the woods of Canada, but San Fermin, is delicious (I’m also happy to learn of something that can rhyme with vermin—one of my favorite words).

Named after the Spanish festival most famous for the running of the bulls, and the plot of Ernesto Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises, this 8-piece troupe is a tasty mix of Noah and the Whale, Sarah Bareilles, and Beirut (who I recently heard on the trailer for Mitt Romney’s new documentary on Netflix originally called Handsome Robots in Politics but was renamed to Mitt. He comes off very much human in the trailer. Likeable even.)

These hip kids know how to make a song, and a music video. Here’s my favorite of theirs.

I’ll fall for you soon enough, I’ve resolved to love / Now I know it’s just another fuck cause I’m old enough / Sell lies like they’re only drugs, here to pick me up

Mmm! Lord! Those are some words.

When she busts into Oh, don’t be scared / But it’s a harder kind of fear –I want to throw a chair through a window, out of happiness. It’s got a SOUL you can taste.

Here’s another. The voice of Allen Tate, the featured vocalist on this diddly, is like cold chocolate milk. Or a strong, rich coffee. Or a very pulpy orange juice, freshly squeezed. I want to bottle it. Save it for a rainy day.

Nothing like kids painting their faces, jumping into water in slow motion.

These hip kids will be playing in NYC on February 7th at the Bowery Ballroom—for their full tour—peep here.

And one last video—them perusing the streets of Paris, while filming a Take Away Concert. Enjoy!